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Derek and Jean go green

A new way of life was the perfect excuse for a Derbyshire couple to install a more efficient heating system

After 44 years living in the main house at Barnclose Farm, Derek and Jean Brandon wanted to downsize to a more manageable property. With strong ties to the land, the couple agreed their best option was to sell the existing farmhouse to their children and convert one of the smaller outbuildings for a new home.

The couple opted for an old barn, which was in need of complete restoration. Their aim was to give the structure a new lease of life with insulated walls, floors and roof space fitted in line with current building standards. Another preference was for under-floor heating to be installed on both of the two floors. However, as the barn originally featured an oil-fired central heating system with radiators and a gravity-fed hot water cylinder, a new source was needed.

With a desire to steer away from the costly oil-fired system, the pair began to research more efficient, economical to run, and easy to maintain systems that would work well with underfloor heating.  Mains gas wasn’t a viable option as the nearest connection was in the next village, and a wood chip boiler required an ongoing routine to maintain. They decided the best option would be a sustainable heat pump, so contacted Coefficient Renewable Heating Solutions, a local MCS-accredited company, to advise on the project. The company suggested a ground source installation with horizontal ground loops would be best suited to the project as the farm has plenty of land. ‘We wanted to use an MCS-accredited installer so we would qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive,’ explained Derek Brandon.

A Danfoss ground source DHP-L Opti 12kW and a DWH Opti 300-litre cylinder were the preferred systems to meet the projected hot water needs for the building. The DHP-L Opti uses innovative technology to operate efficiently, saving on annual fuel bills and CO2 emissions. It uses an intelligent control system to adjust performance according to prevailing requirements via speed controlled circulation pumps. This means the pumps continually work to their optimal efficiency.

The ground loops were put in place first, followed by the underfloor heating, before the heat pump and hot water cylinder were housed in an external plant room. Pre-insulated pipe was used with the pump and cylinder to direct the heating and mains pressure hot water from the plant room to the barn.

‘We are very happy with our installation. We have plenty of hot water and the temperature is good too,’ said Jean Brandon. ‘ We are pleased we chose underfloor heating rather than conventional radiators as it gives a more natural warmth throughout the building, and we feel good knowing we are using a sustainable heat source.’

Her husband added. ‘We were delighted with Coefficient’s professionalism and high standard of work. The installation went really well and despite the difficult weather conditions on site ,they finished the job on time. ‘

Coefficient Renewable Heating Solutions ltd: 07854 733764 info@coefficientheating.co.uk


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