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Latest News, Projects|August 15, 2015 14:48

Shiny happy people

EOS Energy is putting the finishing touches to a £3m array of photovoltaic cells at Hendra Holiday Park in Newquay, Cornwall.

The Warwickshire-based company has installed 5000 PV units spread over 10 acres of land. At 1.15mW, this will be the largest array of solar panels installed under the Feed In Tariff system.

Managing director, Gary Summers said: ‘The speed of installation has been phenomenal; at peak our engineers have been installing 1000 solar panels per day.’

To put the size of the project into perspective, the mounting system used for the panels consists of 71000kg of aluminium – the equivalent of nearly five million empty drink cans.

Hendra provides accommodation for 4000 holidaymakers at any one time. The venue’s owner is aiming to reduce reliance on fossil fuels by 50 per cent. Hendra’s current on site electricity consumption is over 1.5gW per year, with solar PV panels installed, energy usage could be cut by the equivalent of 400 houses’ use.

The park plans to use the installation as an educational resource for schools to provide free electric vehicle charging points on site as part of a wider community investment in sustainable transport infrastructure.

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