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MT-Energie continue their UK growth

Mt-Energie UK Ltd are pleased to announce their attendance at EBEC 2015. With two fully-commissioned plants in the UK and one under construction, we are continuing to build our Europe-wide (400+ plants) reputation as an innovative company, committed to agriculture and with an enviable customer loyalty rate.

We offer turnkey solutions to AD, along with service contracts (for any plant, not just MT) and components (Feeders, Roofs). Our services include a professional biological process laboratory and fully computerised system control with help available at all times.

Our plant under construction in Shropshire commenced build in May 2015, and is a 500kW plant with an upgrade to 1 mW.

If you are considering an anaerobic digestion system, we are happy to first prepare a feasibility study, which will involve assessing your land to see if the proposed building area is satisfactory, plus testing the substrates that you intend to feed the digester with to ascertain the gas yield and therefore profitability of the entire project.

At EBEC 2015 we are proud to introduce our partner company, MT-Biomethan, who offer a complete biogas upgrading system in order to purify the methane for heat utilisation and to reach the required standards for selling the gas to utilities.

We look forward to meeting with you to discuss and current or future requirements that you may have.

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