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Sibert Solar recognises the increased demand for high-quality, yet commercially-attractive products to be available to the growing Solar PV (Photovoltaic) installation sector.  These “Balance-of-System” (BoS) products are where the focus is now from a cost-reduction and productivity point of view.

Whether you are installing systems within the UK market or overseas, we have a carefully selected range of BoS (Balance of System) products that meet the critical requirements of this ever-expanding industry sector.  As clients change their requirements, and as the industry itself changes over time, we will continue to bring on board additional products pertinent to the needs of our customer-base.  Our global procurement strength enables us to identify and partner with the right manufacturers to provide you, our customer, with the edge you need to compete in this aggressive marketplace.

Sibert Solar’s Core Values:

Service – providing a fast and efficient service level to our clients is paramount to our continued growth and presence in the marketplace.

Customer-Focus – our product portfolio is built around our client’s requirements.  By understanding our customer-base and giving a priority to meeting customer needs helps us to maintain the level of customer-focus we believe is necessary to succeed as a long-term and proactive supplier.

Technical Support – Sibert Solar is supported by a strong engineering structure internally.  Our technical competence is present in all we do and we pride ourselves in understanding the complex aspects of product applications and industry regulations in order to provide our clients with the technical support they need to achieve the solution required.

Some of our key product areas:

AC & DC Isolation

All Solar installations typically require both AC and DC isolation.  Various products are available in the marketplace but Sibert Solar offers a wide range of high-specification isolators manufactured to extremely high standards and dedicated for the solar installation industry.  Whether you are installing single-string, single-phase systems or are installing multi-string, poly-phase installations, we have the circuit isolation products you need.

Circuit Protection

Circuit protective devices are many and varied, with solutions depending on several different factors involving the nature of the electricity supply, the type of equipment being protected, the level of human protection required and the likely type of fault condition that may occur.  Sibert Solar offers a wide range of protective devices and electrical installation products (including MCBs, Type-A RCDs, Type-B RCDs etc.), from our principal manufacturing partner Doepke Shaltgeraete GmbH through their wholly-owned subsidiary Doepke UK Ltd

Surge Protective Devices

AC and DC Surge Protection is a topic that is gaining more and more momentum within the Solar PV and Solar Thermal installation sector.  Sibert Solar is able to support a wide range of surge protective devices (SPDs) manufactured by our partner Dehn Ltd.  Protection of the Inverter and downstream AC circuits is imperative in the event of a direct and/or induced lightning strike/surge.  Several different scenarios exist regarding the level of protection required dependent on the nature of the existing electrical grid supply and the presence (or not) of any existing lightning protection system (LPS).

Generation Metering

A key aspect of any Solar installation is the ability to measure the amount of energy generated by the array and exported back to the main electricity grid.  Sibert Solar has fostered direct links with the primary source for Landis & Gyr generation meters in the UK and has short and efficient supply-lines in place to offer a wide range of other generation meters too, should you require a choice.  Solutions range from single-phase, uni-directional generation meters through to poly-phase, import/export SMART meters with GSM and ZigBee functionality built-in.  All our meters are fully MID/Ofgem approved and are sold as brand new units (not refurbished).  12months manufacturer’s warranty is included as standard and stock is typically held in the UK, although lead-times are usually quite short should immediate stock not be available.

Tools & Testers

As a compliment to our Balance of System products range, Sibert Solar provides a selection of tools and products to support the Solar installation process.  Our product selection criteria is such that only high-quality products, manufactured to exacting standards, are added to our portfolio.  The product range includes individual clamp meters, solar irradiance meters, crimp-tools and inclinometers as well as full “MSC Tool-kits” including some or all of these products combined together.  Our partnership with Seaward Solar also means we can offer their excellent PV100 and Solar-Survey metering tools too.


Through the development of our long-term, strategic partnership with a high-quality manufacturer (with ISO9000, ISO14001 & OHSAS18001 accreditation), Sibert Solar is able to provide a complete range of connectivity products required when installing PV systems.  Pre-terminated cable-assemblies with MC3 or MC4-compatible connectors (IP67, 30A, TUV approved) can be provided in a variety of standard lengths.  Loose connector kits are also a very popular and commercially-attractive solution that we provide.  Branch connectors and panel-mount connectors are also available.


In an effort to provide time-saving solutions to the marketplace, and by utilising Sibert’s in-house engineering capabilities, we can now provide custom-designed and assembled AC component enclosures for use within a variety of renewable energy generation system installations.  Containing products already available within our portfolio such as AC isolators, MCBs, RCDs, generation meters and SPDs, these units can be configured to meet your individual requirements.  Additional devices for AC surge and lightning protection can also be offered as DIN-rail mounted components included in the enclosure.

DC string/combiner boxes are an area that Sibert Solar is currently looking into supporting and further information will be provided once those solutions come on-line.

G59/2 Relay Enclosures

These G59/2 Protection Panels are configured to meet your Current/Power requirements for a grid-connected, embedded generation system providing in excess of 16A per phase.

  • AC voltage change
  • Frequency change
  • Vector shift / ROCOF

Each G59 relay enclosure is fitted with an internally mounted G59 relay complete with LCD display screen, manual reset button, last trip record and sealable locking facility.  Each panel is supplied with a door-interlocked (padlockable) isolator switch for additional user protection that enables the user to manually disconnect the embedded generation system (SSEG).  A green indicator lamp “Connected” is fitted on the enclosure door to give quick indication to the user that the DNO grid source is connected.  Control circuits and relay voltage inputs are fitted with single-pole miniature circuit breakers.



We’re here to help so if you would like to discuss your requirements further then please contact us on +44 1252 815518 or email your enquiry to sales@sibert.co.uk


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