> £18m wind farm gets the go ahead >
Latest News|November 14, 2015 10:04

£18m wind farm gets the go ahead

A local council has given Blantyre Muir Energy permission to install a further three 377ft wind turbines on a 323-acre site in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire. This will bring the total number of turbines on the site to six, collectively providing electricity to 5,500 homes.

Once completed, the development will also supply businesses at Hamilton Technology Park through a joint working initiative between South Lanarkshire Council’s planning service, Balntyre Muir Energy and the park’s owners. What’s more, the new installations will help the park to meet its renewable energy targets.

In 2007 the first three turbines were being considered for planning and the Planning Service became aware that one of the units at the Technology Park needed a source of green energy. All three parties worked closely to reach agreement on the 25 per cent power plan. This innovative approach has picked up again with the current proposal, so much so, that up to 100 per cent of the power generated by these turbines could be harnessed by the Park.

The £18m wind farm extension will also be a major boost for the local economy, with local construction firms alone set to pick up £6m from the installation work.

Blantyre Muir Energy’s parent company is the UK’s leading independent onshore wind developer, West Coast Energy. Steve Salt, planning and development officer at the firm, is positive: ‘We have worked closely with the council to achieve this decision and we look forward to delivering the economic, social and environmental benefits of this green energy development.’

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