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Window Film fit for a Palace


Over the past few years it has been proven that adding window film to our homes and office can make a massive difference when it comes to energy saving. The film used over windows prevents heat loss in buildings reducing the need for additional heating, which is great for the environment. Any space that uses less heating will also benefit from some very favorable savings of the heating bill, which every family and company would welcome.

Window film can also help protect and prevent sun damage on furnishings like carpet, paintings, curtains and wood. Blenheim Palace recognised how these benefits could help prolong their magnificent interiors, and after research chose to use local Sussex company, Sun X, to install window film throughout the Oxfordshire Palace.

The palace needed the film to protect very important and historical furnishings, paintings and rooms. Nicholas Day from the Administration Office at Blenheim Palace speaks very highly of Sun X who are now a Royal Warrant Holding company:

“We were absolutely delighted with the work … the professionalism and attention to detail was only matched by the care and consideration the workmen took of the property…it was a genuine pleasure to have Sun X working for us”.

This 40 year old company based in Bognor Regis, West Sussex can install solar films, safety films, security films, ultraviolet filters, privacy films, manifestation films and traditional blinds for homes, offices and of course stately or regal homes! The fact that they have been around for so long gives them an unrivalled knowledge in the window film industry. The company’s website states that they hold four key values at the heart of what they do:



Technical expertise


If you are worried that Sun X are based in the South, don’t be. They have carried work as far North as Edinburgh and everything in between!

Window film is revolutionising the way we live in our home, work in our office and how we keep important, historical furnishings safe from sunlight – all while saving a little piece of the environment.


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