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About Renew Recycle & Resource Magazine

Renew, Resource and Recycle Magazine - Encouraging greener methods of building and specifying, The Alternative Energy Spcialists presents in-depth knowledge of the latest renewable energy products, recycling projects, news and legislation in an easy-to-read format. News from local recycling authorities, updates from relevant Government departments for sustainable eco building, and retro-fit projects are provided in bite-sized chunks that are perfect for busy professionals.

Renew, Resource and Recycle Magazine covers all that relates to eco-building – from the latest commercial enterprises, (such as town centre regeneration projects, recycling, sustainable building materials and coastal energy schemes) to domestic new builds and retro-fit projects for housing associations. Each issue ensures readers are kept up-to-speed with the latest developments from wider industries such as renewable energy, thanks to the news and legislation updates from local authorities around the UK and further afield. Product launches, conferences and events, job opportunities and training courses are also high on the agenda.

Additionally, Renew, Resource and Recycle Magazine focuses its spotlight on the real experts within each industry, giving them a voice to address a wider audience. The readership includes more than 10,000 architects and developers as well as local authority planning departments, housing associations, suppliers and installers who all have an interest in sustainable building.

Of course, in order not to compromise The Alternative Energy Spcialists’s green credentials, the magazine is offered in a fully-functioning, page-turning digital format as well as a paper-based magazine.