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Harvest festival - Renew + Recycle + Resource

Harvest festival

January 13, 2016 16:08

Can we measure the impact of energy harvesting, asks Prof. Markys Cain? Reports show how scavenging wasted energy will boost industry and create a multibillion pound market. To ensure this

In a class of its own - Renew + Recycle + Resource

In a class of its own

November 30, 2015 10:24

Kebony receives the head teacher’s nod of approval at Colindale Primary School Colindale Primary School in Barnet, London called on the expertise of architectural firm, Sprunt to deliver a fresh

Larger than life - Renew + Recycle + Resource

Larger than life

November 25, 2015 16:46

Cornwall ‘ups the solar ante’ with three major SPV plants Somewhat surprisingly, Cornwall is the UK’s largest generator of SPV. The region can now also lay claim to housing the

On the horizon - Renew + Recycle + Resource

On the horizon

November 18, 2015 09:44

The Environment Agency opens the doors to its new sustainable head office The new home of the Environment Agency, Horizon House in Bristol, was built with sustainability at its heart.

Under wraps - Renew + Recycle + Resource

Under wraps

November 15, 2015 15:54

Pat Barnslooks at the techniques available for insulating older properties Around 100,000 new homes are built in the UK each year, many to the latest energy efficient standards. Alongside

Unleash the heat - Renew + Recycle + Resource

Unleash the heat

November 3, 2015 16:38

Pat Barnsdigs out the facts on ground source heat pumps – the next untapped resource Perhaps it’s their clumsy name, or the fact that once they’re buried under the

Sun goes down on solar? - Renew + Recycle + Resource

Sun goes down on solar?

October 28, 2015 12:02

Leaked documents on the Energy Saving Trust’s website have revealed the solar tariff will be cut to 21p per kW/h from April 1, 2016. The rate applies to all installations

Beautiful dawn - Renew + Recycle + Resource

Beautiful dawn

October 27, 2015 09:40

Scientists are a generation away from creating fusion energy on a commercial scale. The Alternative Energy Spcialists investigates the state of play Text: Tom Holmes A wise man once said that fusion energy

Huhne to stress the case for renewables - Renew + Recycle + Resource

Huhne to stress the case for renewables

October 26, 2015 11:29

In an frank attack on ‘green economy deniers’, Chris Huhne will today (Wednesday 26 October, 2015) draw attention to the economic benefits to Britain of investing in green energy. He

Soapbox: All fracked out? - Renew + Recycle + Resource

Soapbox: All fracked out?

October 25, 2015 09:57

The uproar connected to the extraction of shale gas has seen many come forward to express their views. This has lead to the creation of social media pages opposing the